Among many variable expenses, make the electricity bill fixed


How many of us would have the budget set for a month so as to meet the expenses that incur in that month? How many of us have never crossed the budget for a single month? If not many of us then we should definitely look for the buffer that is added on each line item that is included in the budget so that we are in safe mode. The other way around is we would have a fixed amount as buffer over the budget so that this flexible buffer amount could be shared across those line items that could change from one month to the other.

While we could not avoid the education fee for kids or the investments that we do for saving on tax, we would try to share the total amount on these expenses as small savings from each month’s budget so that we do not feel it to be a burden when the actual expense has to be met. While we do such smart planning on most of the other expenses, what about those expenses like the electricity or the internet plans that are categorized as the basic expenses incurred in a month. You could always check the  strømtest  if you want to make the electricity bill as static without having to worry about it raising or falling from one month to the other.


While we do not know how the price fluctuations could happen, you should at least find the best alternative to regularize the payment for this utility for which everyone would be the default consumer. Since the details on the consumption, average price, spot price and the agreement price would all be given clearly without any confusion, you could make a smart decision so that you do not waste your time in making a decision that would reduce the fluctuations.